March 31, 2010

DIY Wednesday- Wood Place Setting

I love this place setting from the DIY Network! It would work as shown as a place mat for an intimate wedding dinner, but it would look equally gorgeous as a decoration. Propped up on the sign in table? Modified to be a cake plate? The possibilities are endless and it would make a sweet keepsake in your home forever after.

See the instructions here.

March 24, 2010

DIY Wednesday- Cupcake Tower

Cupcakes are a cute, inexpensive alternative to the traditional wedding cake. With this adorable (and SO simple) cupcake tower from Imperfectly Beautiful gives you the feel of a traditional cake without all the cost or the leftovers.

Get the instructions here.

March 17, 2010

DIY Wednesday- Painted Peacock Feathers

Today's tutorial is more for inspiration than for recreating exactly. I'd love to see these beautiful painted peacock feathers on everything from table runners to bridesmaid dresses. Of course clutches like these would be adorable gifts for your bridal party as well. The joy of DIY is that you get to decide!

Find the instructions from the Joann's website here.

March 15, 2010

Aqua and Red Wedding

One of our DeeLovely brides requested an Aqua and Red wedding. I'm not going to lie, at first I thought you were crazy. Aqua and red? For a wedding? I've changed my wayward ways though. Once I got looking, really looking, I fell in love with the whole color scheme. It's fun and a little retro, and done correctly it looks absolutely fabulous. Today's inspiration comes heavily from etsy so if there's anything you absolutely need you should jump on it no matter how far away your wedding is.
1. This listing is actually for a print, but you could probably ask the artist if you could use the image on invites or some other wedding related stationary.
2. I'm in love with these invites. Square invites are traditionally more, well, traditional. These funky invites are gorgeous and oh so fun.
3. Martha created these adorable favors with a variety of color coordinated ribbons and stamped envelopes. Find the how-to here and order bulk jelly beans in your colors from here.
4. I think this bridesmaid dress would look really lovely next to almost any wedding dress and would work in most seasons.
5. You should wear this necklace on your wedding day. If you're going for a more formal look, wear it to all other wedding related events (Showers, parties, luncheon, etc.). Pretty, pretty please.
6 and 7. These gorgeous tablescapes are from Joyful Weddings & Events. You must run (not walk) over there immediately to see the rest of this fantastic wedding here.
8. Is it just me or do these cute lollipops just scream happiness? I'm always a fan of a candy bar in wedding colors, but it works especially well when your colors are so bright and beautiful.
9. This headband is absolutely gorgeous. Those lovely feathers would really make your wedding look pop and with the vintage jewelry accent on there it would be both your something old and something blue.
10. The fabulous Martha Stewart does it again with this marbled white and aqua cake. Aqua tinted chocolate transfer sheets over whit chocolate create the look. I'd love to see a cheerful red ribbon around each layer.
11. These table runners incorporate the damask trend in a fun, fresh way.
12. This bouquet of ranunculus, tulips, carnations, roses, and berries is especially beautiful tied with a wide aqua satin ribbon. This bride personalized her bouquet further with her new monogram. Lovely!
13. Three cheers for coordinating ties on all the men in a wedding party. I love the option shown for your color scheme but this shop makes tons of options cool enough to make your groom feel like a rockstar.
14. At only $20, this cute cake stand would be a great way to accent your wedding cake and you'd be able to use it over and over again.

While you're at it you should go check out this inspiration board as well. Let me know if I'm on the right track!

March 12, 2010

Long Hair Worn Down

Our sweet Nikki is looking for a way to wear her gorgeous long hair down on her wedding day. She'll also be wearing a veil so we needed to keep it simple and elegant. Here are my favorite looks-
1. In this look loose braids create a romantic half-up do.
2. I love the soft yet glamorous look of this do.
3. The big loose curls and fresh flowers of this style make it feel both formal and a little beachy.
4. This style has the volume do all the talking. They suggest using extensions to amp it up a little.
5. The asymmetry of this style gives a lot of interest to classic waves.
6. This hairstyle is fantastically 60's. I love it!
7. The long, side-swept bangs in this style make it especially romantic.
8. This look is my absolute favorite. It's one of the ones I used to inspire my own wedding hairstyle so I can tell you it's really doable.
9. This sleek, straight style would complement your beautiful face without competing for attention.
10. I might be a little obsessed with the gorgeous 40's style waves of this style. I think this look would look perfect with the silhouette of your dress.

March 10, 2010

DIY Wednesday- Library Card Invites etc.

The thing that makes a wedding truly lovely is when you incorporate the little things that make the two of you work. Adding little touches that showcase your passions, your story, your personality will really make your wedding stand out. I love these Library Card Invites I saw over at iDiY (fabulous site by the way).

Get the whole story at iDiY here.

March 8, 2010

Lavender and Chocolate Brown

There's a lot to love about this color combination. For one thing, it's visually delicious. What I love most is that these colors could really work in any season. As a bonus both lavender and brown tend to be flattering on a lot of people, which will make you (and your bridesmaids) more DeeLovely than ever.
1. These gorgeous note cards would be fantastic thank you notes.
2. I love this assortment of boutonnieres to incorporate multiple shades of each color and differentiate between the men in your life.
3. Have you even seen chocolate transfer sheets used? You can put them on almost anything, they're fairly easy to use, and they make anything look instantly fabulous.
4. These invites are simply gorgeous!
5. I love these favor boxes with customized ribbon. What a fantastic way to personalize gifts for your friends and family!
6. Your groom would look superbly handsome in this tuxedo!
7. These bridesmaid dresses can be ordered in combinations of chocolate, lavender, and white to make a distinction between bridesmaids, your maid of honor, and even the MOB and MOG. The cut would be super flattering on most body types.
8. I love the different shades of lavender in this bouquet. The pearls also add an extra element of elegance.
9. This cake is simultaneously simple and dramatic. The monogram and mini-bouquet set this cake apart.
10. Here icing flowers decorate truffles for a dessert bar. I think the look would be equally lovely (and much less pricey) on brownie bites you can purchase from any grocery store bakery.

Don't forget that you can email me anytime at to request a post with your colors!

March 5, 2010

Dresses on

Bonus Post! This is the first of a new segment where I show you some of the best finds for wedding items in unexpected places. Hope you enjoy it!
You're getting married and suddenly your pennies are pinched so thin you can practically see through them. So what do you do? Think outside of the box and shop outside of the bridal boutiques. There is an amazing selection of wedding items available second hand. You get to have a day that is just as fantastic at a much smaller price. Here are two great dresses I found in the KSL Classifieds that are absolutely beautiful and a really great deal.
The first dress is a gorgeous ivory lace dress with a removable brown sash. It's a size 8 but it has a lace up back so it probably has a bit of give in what size it will fit. This dress is phenomenal! See the whole ad here on KSL and if you decide to take a look at the dress make sure to tell Nicole that I sent you on over from DeeLovely Day.
The second dress is also a size 8 but according to Anna it runs a little on the small side. My favorite parts of this dress are the sweet little bow detail on the front, the buttons down the back, and the just-the-right-length train. See the whole ad (including more pictures) here.

Bridal Boleros

My Lovely Nikki wants a way to spice up her dress a bit. Here are a few bolero/shrug options for her.
Click the number below to find where to purchase them.
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

Let me know your favorites so I know what direction to go in! I'll come up with some other ways to accessorize a dress soon.

March 3, 2010

DIY Wednesday- Cake Slice Favors

How adorable are these favor "cakes"?! The best part is that you could completely customize them to any color scheme or theme. They'd be beautiful on white porcelain or milk glass cake stands as well.

Find the instructions from Better Homes and Gardens here.

March 1, 2010

Pale Pink and Damask

Last week we saw the bright pink and damask inspiration board. This week we get to see another option with pale pink.
I love the grown-up-ballerina feel that this color scheme achieves. It's simultaneously innocent and sophisticated. Take a look at a few of my favorites for this version. Hopefully these will help our lovely Claire decide which she'd prefer to go with.

1. Louboutins aren't exactly in most bride's budget, but if they were these would be perfect!
2. This lovely centerpiece idea from Martha Stewart would be both dramatic and inexpensive.
3. This cute garter set would make any girl blush.
4. Ordering your guest book and other accessories all from the same company would ensure that it would coordinate perfectly! Look here for the book, then browse the rest of the shop for tons of cute options.
5. I love a unique bouquet! I'd love to see this wrapped with a black velvet ribbon for a more classic look.
6. These sweet invites let your guests know just how refined your day will be.
7. I'm a sucker for a wedding cake that isn't white. This gorgeous pink on pink cake is one of the best I've ever seen. Even better, it's fairly easy to do- you can buy stencils to create the look yourself.
8. These frames would be a great way to show off some of your best memories together as centerpieces or on buffet tables.
9. I'd love to see a dessert bar all in sweet, soft pinks. Everything looks as delicious as it'll taste!