March 15, 2010

Aqua and Red Wedding

One of our DeeLovely brides requested an Aqua and Red wedding. I'm not going to lie, at first I thought you were crazy. Aqua and red? For a wedding? I've changed my wayward ways though. Once I got looking, really looking, I fell in love with the whole color scheme. It's fun and a little retro, and done correctly it looks absolutely fabulous. Today's inspiration comes heavily from etsy so if there's anything you absolutely need you should jump on it no matter how far away your wedding is.
1. This listing is actually for a print, but you could probably ask the artist if you could use the image on invites or some other wedding related stationary.
2. I'm in love with these invites. Square invites are traditionally more, well, traditional. These funky invites are gorgeous and oh so fun.
3. Martha created these adorable favors with a variety of color coordinated ribbons and stamped envelopes. Find the how-to here and order bulk jelly beans in your colors from here.
4. I think this bridesmaid dress would look really lovely next to almost any wedding dress and would work in most seasons.
5. You should wear this necklace on your wedding day. If you're going for a more formal look, wear it to all other wedding related events (Showers, parties, luncheon, etc.). Pretty, pretty please.
6 and 7. These gorgeous tablescapes are from Joyful Weddings & Events. You must run (not walk) over there immediately to see the rest of this fantastic wedding here.
8. Is it just me or do these cute lollipops just scream happiness? I'm always a fan of a candy bar in wedding colors, but it works especially well when your colors are so bright and beautiful.
9. This headband is absolutely gorgeous. Those lovely feathers would really make your wedding look pop and with the vintage jewelry accent on there it would be both your something old and something blue.
10. The fabulous Martha Stewart does it again with this marbled white and aqua cake. Aqua tinted chocolate transfer sheets over whit chocolate create the look. I'd love to see a cheerful red ribbon around each layer.
11. These table runners incorporate the damask trend in a fun, fresh way.
12. This bouquet of ranunculus, tulips, carnations, roses, and berries is especially beautiful tied with a wide aqua satin ribbon. This bride personalized her bouquet further with her new monogram. Lovely!
13. Three cheers for coordinating ties on all the men in a wedding party. I love the option shown for your color scheme but this shop makes tons of options cool enough to make your groom feel like a rockstar.
14. At only $20, this cute cake stand would be a great way to accent your wedding cake and you'd be able to use it over and over again.

While you're at it you should go check out this inspiration board as well. Let me know if I'm on the right track!

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