March 8, 2010

Lavender and Chocolate Brown

There's a lot to love about this color combination. For one thing, it's visually delicious. What I love most is that these colors could really work in any season. As a bonus both lavender and brown tend to be flattering on a lot of people, which will make you (and your bridesmaids) more DeeLovely than ever.
1. These gorgeous note cards would be fantastic thank you notes.
2. I love this assortment of boutonnieres to incorporate multiple shades of each color and differentiate between the men in your life.
3. Have you even seen chocolate transfer sheets used? You can put them on almost anything, they're fairly easy to use, and they make anything look instantly fabulous.
4. These invites are simply gorgeous!
5. I love these favor boxes with customized ribbon. What a fantastic way to personalize gifts for your friends and family!
6. Your groom would look superbly handsome in this tuxedo!
7. These bridesmaid dresses can be ordered in combinations of chocolate, lavender, and white to make a distinction between bridesmaids, your maid of honor, and even the MOB and MOG. The cut would be super flattering on most body types.
8. I love the different shades of lavender in this bouquet. The pearls also add an extra element of elegance.
9. This cake is simultaneously simple and dramatic. The monogram and mini-bouquet set this cake apart.
10. Here icing flowers decorate truffles for a dessert bar. I think the look would be equally lovely (and much less pricey) on brownie bites you can purchase from any grocery store bakery.

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M said...

Could you do something like this for a red and aqua wedding? I'd love that!

Aimee said...

check out this blog post on a red/aqua carnival wedding theme. It's really cute!