June 30, 2010

DIY Wednesday- Jeweled cake stands

I love these jeweled cake stands from Martha Stewart! Such a glamorous focal point, especially if you're forgoing a wedding cake and serving cupcakes, petits fours, or the like.

June 25, 2010

Japanese Bamboo

This is part two of a series of Japanese inspired weddings. Check out part one: Cherry Blossoms here.
Gold, Brown, and Green Bamboo Japanese Wedding Board
1. This beautiful brocade would be very dramatic as table runners and would unify the look of your whole venue.
2. I'm completely in love with this bamboo arbor. It's decorated in white tropical flowers, gauzy green fabric, and hanging crystals and would make a phenomenal photo backdrop.
3. This cake is THE cake to have for this theme and color scheme of wedding. I found the cake here, but unfortunately the picture seems to have been moved. Try these links for similar cakes- here or here.
4. How amazing would it be if your bridesmaids were all decked out in classy Kimonos? Truly unforgettable.
5. These oval paper lanterns stand out and give a romantic glow to your reception.
6. A collection of bridals pictures would look lovely in these bamboo frames.
7. This bamboo style men's wedding band is so unique and classy!
8. It's tough to see this tall floral arrangement on the inspiration board so check here to see more detail.
9. These centerpieces are from Kuwait but I think the picture would still be a great starting point when you're designing the look for your tables.
10. These invites are from FREE customizable, printable templates. You can print them yourself or take them to a local professional.
11. All the women in your wedding party would look perfectly coordinated in these wood burned earrings.
12. Lucky bamboo like these (or the inexpensive ones from Ikea) would make great decor for the wedding and they could easily be used as thank you gifts or in your new home together.
13. These subtle yet stunning bamboo style bangles would look absolutely fabulous as part of your wedding jewelry. I also recommend these earrings for you.
14. One way to incorporate Japanese style into your wedding ensemble would be to wear an Obi Belt. I think one in a formal fabric like this one would be especially appropriate.
15. This bronze leather obi is so fun. It's reversible (green leaf pattern on back) and I love that bronze cord to tie it.
16. A simple, slim fitting wedding gown like this one would work really well with an obi belt.
17. These gorgeous neckties would outfit any guy in your wedding party in style.

June 23, 2010

DIY Wednesday- Creamy Nonpareils

I think these gorgeous homemade candies would be fabulous favors! Just wrap up a few in a cellophane bag, tie it with a ribbon in your wedding colors, maybe add a tag and you're done. Find the recipe from Family Fun here.

June 18, 2010

Japanese Cherry Blossoms

Sweet Alyssa emailed me asking about Japanese or Asian inspired weddings and once I got looking I was so inspired that I decided to break this up into several posts. This will be the first post of several using different color schemes and focal points for this type of theme. I hope you think they're as lovely as I do!
Pink Cherry Blossoms Japanese Wedding Board
1. These sandalwood fans would be very sweet in place of bouquets for your bridesmaids.
2. Sugar Cherry Blossoms would instantly make any dessert fit your theme and look so professional. Consider adding them to a simple, inexpensive cake to cut costs.
3. Pearl pins would add a nice touch to your bouquet and pinning on boutonnieres and corsages.
4. These dark pink hair pins would look absolutely enchanting scattered in an updo.
5. I can imagine these cherry blossom petals strewn over the tables at your reception. They would be an easy way to bring the look and color of cherry blossoms to centerpiece in an inexpensive way.
6. This temple dress echoes a kimono with its wide sleeves and wrapped sash.
7. This stunning shot is of an actual wedding dress, but you could achieve the same look by wearing a short silk kimono over your gown.
8. I'm completely, utterly in love with this divine wedding gown. You MUST go look at it closer. It is embroidered with cherry blossoms and features a kimono inspired top.
9. The toddler in your wedding party would be the talk of the town in this flower girl dress.
1o. I think these fortune cookie key chains would be both a humorous and practical groomsman's gift.
11. A flower shaped parasol printed with cherry blossoms would make for gorgeous bridal portraits. It would also come in handy if your wedding day lands on a sunny summer day!
12. Cherry blossom cakes have been done everywhere, but the 3D elements of this one make it stand out from the pack in the best of ways.
13. This lighter version of the cherry blossom hair pins would make great gifts to the ladies in your wedding party. I'd also love to see them mixed with the darker ones for another shot of color in your hair.
14. These invites are customizable and printable (either by you or a local professional) which would save you a lot of money if your invite list is substantial.

Not included in the inspiration board- A little something for the wedding night or a colorful (and on clearance!) version for the honeymoon.

June 16, 2010

DIY Wednesday- Custom Chocolate Wrappers

I love how classy and customizable (and delicious) these favors are. Check out the tutorial here from Create Everyday. Be sure to check out how she labeled what kind of chocolate they were. So clever!

June 9, 2010

DIY Wednesday- The Infamous Cake Pops

These gorgeous cake pops from the oh-so-talented Bakerella just about make my day. They might be a bit too intense of a project for just you to take on so get the whole crew involved. They're a bit time consuming to make, but I think they're well worth the effort!
P.S. If you haven't experienced Bakerella's site yet, I highly recommend that you RUN there immediately. Go on, click here... you know you want to.

June 2, 2010

DIY Wednesday- Little Guy Tie

Do you have a little man in your wedding party? Do you think he deserves to look just as dashing as his taller counterparts? Me too. Try this great tutorial from Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky! to turn a regular sized tie into something more sweetly scaled.