July 2, 2009

Dark Purple

I love collages in general, but I especially love the idea of one demonstrating the look and feel you are looking to create for your wedding. Some people call them inspiration boards, I just call them a good idea. It keeps you focused and it helps you to communicate to your family and your vendors exactly what you want.

Here are a few inspiration boards (and just some great ideas) for a dark purple wedding.

I love how streamlined and classy everything is in this collage. You KNOW just by looking at this that there won't be any tacky use of tulle or anything of that sort.
Love love love! The different shades of purple keep this look from becoming overwhelming. The use of different sizes and materials of containers give it a softer romantic feel while the repetition keeps it from looking like a yardsale table.

Floating candles in dark purple water? Gorgeous! Never seen center pieces quite like that. I love them!
Is it just me or are these unbelievably cute? They'd make great favors.
Really only two things from this one- 1. The silver really offsets the deep shade of purple nicely and 2. That cake stand is phenomenal!
Modern yet elegant. Not quite the color of purple that I like though.


Nikki said...

hi. love this. love you. This is absolutely perfect! Totally my style, very elegant and traditional. Love you girl. These ideas are marvelous!!

Cassie Lynne said...

Um, I am suddenly falling in love with purple. and Nikki this is so you! Love it. Love both of you

Sammiy said...

Thank you so much for this! I always have a hard time finding purple wedding details. =)