June 27, 2009

Display Cakes

I love the idea of a display cake. Wedding cakes are beautiful pieces of art and it honestly breaks my heart a little when I see them cut into. Display or "dummy" cakes solve that. They're fake cakes for show and then you serve sheet cake (which truthfully most people only serve anyway). This way you pay less for the actual wedding cake AND don't have to pay for cutting and plating fees from your baker/caterer. I think it's the best of all worlds.

I recently found this company MyDreamCake. It's based in Utah and it allows you to rent display cakes (even less expensive=wonderful) and her work is lovely. You can get your display cake and a matching cut cake to smash in your man's face for much less than most brides spend on their main wedding cake alone. She'll even design one just for you if you don't like any of the ones she has. Bonus- if you're having two different receptions like I did, you won't need to choose between getting two cakes ($$$) and going without a wedding cake at one of them. Here's some of the examples that I loved from her gallery.

There are a ton more pictures to look at on her site, but I decided to try to tone down the numbers of pictures I posted this time. Enjoy!

June 20, 2009

White Wedding Cakes

This post was inspired by the gorgeous cake Annika and I drooled over last night. I've always loved the look of a wedding cake done in all white or nearly-white shades. It's classy and stunning and sometimes you can get away with a much more ornate design if the colors don't attack you when you look at it. Here's some of my favorites- (many are from Martha Stewart, seriously in love with the cakes she does)
#1- Love the decadence here! Favorite feature = the monogram. Love.

#2- How beautiful is the slight hint of pink at the edge of these petals? This could be a gorgeous way to incorporate any color into a cake in a very subtle way.

#3- There are SO many thing I love about this cake. First it has this whole modern-meets-Victorian feel which is scrumptious. Second it's in my favorite colors, so that's lovely. This picture was one of the ones I gave to our decorator for inspiration. True story.

#4- I love how subtle yet intricate this cake is. This idea could be especially lovely if you incorporated design elements like lace or embroidery from your dress.

#5- The thing I love most about this cake is that those are actually oval shaped layers. It makes the cake unique while still keeping a fairly traditional feel.

#6- Layers that aren't matchy-matchy are so beautiful in white on white. You get to have the multiple patterns without risking having a cake that looks too busy. I saw a similar cake done at a beach wedding where each bridesmaid had on a skirt in a different eyelet, loved the coordination. Plus- love the crown shaped top that is actually part of the cake.
#7- Cream and white on the same cake CAN work! Again I love the sampler effect that works so well in neutral shades.

#8 I love monograms in general and this is a way to use one in a very non-traditional way.

#9 A lovely take on the traditional flower cascade. Also a great way to incorporate any color scheme in a way that doesn't take over the cake.

#10- White piping on pale colored fondant almost always looks phenomenal.

I have this one twice... can't figure out how to take it off. So sorry.

#11- LOVE the green hydrangeas in between the layers. The monogram is nice and wouldn't be too hard to do yourself. Annika, if you're reading this, for some reason this cake made me think of you.

June 19, 2009

Bouquet ideas- Dark Purple Wedding

Just some I thought were gorgeous and summer-y. Let me know if you see something you like or if you want me keeping my eyes open for anything else.

Love you Russia Buddy!