July 30, 2010

Japanese Wave

This is part three of a series of Japanese inspired weddings. Check out part one: Cherry Blossoms and part two: Bamboo.
White and Blues Japanese Wave Print Wedding Board
Today's board was inspired by this print-
I love the different shades of blue in this iconic image. The color blue has been intertwined with wedding traditions for hundreds of years. Biblical Hebrews believed that blue symbolized loyalty and spiritual constancy. This look is a way to honor centuries of tradition in a fresh, modern way.
1. This cake from Martha Stewart Weddings incorporates waves stamped into the pale blue fondant, perfectly echoing the inspiration print.
2. Carrying a monogrammed parasol in place of a traditional bouquet will set your bridal look apart and keep a sunburn at bay during a summer wedding. Image from here. You can order one from here.
3. These invites feature a band of paper printed with a lovely wave design. They tie in with the theme without taking it too far.
4. These centerpieces would be so easy and inexpensive! Consisting of glass cylinder vases, water tinted with food coloring, and one little fish, they perfectly mirror the look and feel of the theme.
5. This wedding dress' asymmetrical shirring and modest train mimic the powerful and graceful waves of the print.
6. This stunning bridesmaid's dress not only allows for using two lovely shades of blue, it also is cut to flatter pretty much any body type. The sash also imitates the look of an obi belt.
7. Sapphire and pearl jewelry will honor the theme of this wedding in both color and origin as pearls are commonly associated with Japan.

July 28, 2010

DIY Wednesday- Trident Gum Favors

When I spotted this cute gum cover tutorial over at Infarrantly Creative I instantly envisioned them as wedding favors. They're adorable and as a bonus your sweet bridesmaids wouldn't have to worry about bad breath while they're getting chatted up by your new husbands cute cousins. Really, it's a win-win.

July 21, 2010

DIY Wednesday- Glitter Silhouettes

I think these silhouettes from Harrigan Howdy would be lovely hanging behind the cake table or standing on the food table at a reception. One of the bride, one of the groom, preferably facing each other- absolutely lovely. Then, after the wedding you could use them as art in your newlywed nest. Perhaps hanging on the wall over your respective "sides" of the bed. Adorable.
Find the full tutorial here.

July 14, 2010

DIY Wednesday- Book Turned Wreath

Are you and your sweetheart literature nuts? Did you meet in the library? Bond over books? If any of those sound even remotely familiar you should check out this gorgeous (and inexpensive) wreath from A Little Knick Knack.
I think this would make especially sweet decor if you chose to make these invites. Find the wreath tutorial here.

July 7, 2010

DIY Wednesday- Rose Cuff Bracelet

Do you remember when I told you about the bracelet corsages that my Bridesmaids sported at my wedding? Well, the lovely Disney of Ruffles and Stuff completely one-uped that look. Behold! The Rose Cuff Bracelet!
Completely fabulous and very "do-able". Find the tutorial here.

July 2, 2010

Japanese Wedding Part Three is coming!

So sorry dearest DeeLovely Brides! My computer is on the fritz and I can't access the post that was meant for today in our Japanese inspired series. Keep your eyes open and I'll get it to you as soon as I can.
Stay lovely!