July 4, 2009

Best Bits of My Wedding

I guess this is technically "Best Bits of My Wedding: Part One". When I was planning my wedding I remember looking at all sorts of lovely pictures in magazines and online and just wondering if that would really work out as well in "real life" and especially as a bride on a budget. So here are some of the ideas that I incorporated into my big day that worked out wonderfully (perhaps I'll even give you the "Worst Wedding Day Bit" someday, when I feel strong enough).

This is my gorgeous little sister & bridesmaid Morgan. Here she is sporting what I lovingly dubbed the bracelet corsage (turns out it's a real thing, but known as a corsage bracelet... who knew?). I was inspired by an antique bracelet that had a porcelain rose on a pearl bracelet. I thought it was divine. For my bridesmaids we went with a more modern version- stretchy, three-stranded pearl bracelet from Claire's (they were so inexpensive!) and hot glued artificial orchids to the little silver clip backs you can get a craft stores. We clipped on the flowers and the girls all coordinated and had their hands free to dance the night away at the reception. Now the corsages can be unclipped and the girls can wear the flowers in their hair and the bracelets separately. Bonus- these bracelets were also part of their bridesmaids gifts. Lovely!

This is similar to the bracelet I was inspired by. So cute!

Something similar done with real flowers on a stretch rhinestone bracelet. Love the extra bling!

I loved this picture! It reminds me of the head wreaths for flower girls, but all grown up. A slightly smaller circle of flowers would probably work better, but the idea is still so pretty.

These flowers look a little tacky, but I loved the bracelet they are on. You really could find a way to put flowers on any bracelet that coordinates with the look, feel, and budget of your wedding!

I found quite a few of these beaded stretch bracelets turned corsages. I think the organza ribbon is nice because it gives the feel of a classic wrist corsage without the stuffy, 1950's prom look.


Heather said...

I LOVE this idea. Well, I dig any gorgeous ideas made cheap!

Sarah Lynne said...

Yes, this is brilliant!

Pearson Tribe said...

I must say...if I had to do it over again, this would be a must! What a brilliant idea...I love it when traditional meets..."just a bit different"! FAB...and great blog with amazing ideas.