July 2, 2009

Blue and Yellow Wedding

I had a request to do a post based on this collage... It's a tough color scheme to find things for, but it looks so classy!
Love so many things about this collage- High lights: The groom's funky yellow socks matching his bride's shoes. And the yellow sting of pearls. So lovely. This collage makes me think of a not-so-stuffy Yacht club.

So I began my search... first off- it's difficult to define just what this shade needs to be called. I went with cobalt blue, midnight blue, or sapphire blue when searching. I couldn't find anything quite right with both shades. So I searched separately and these are the things I loved most. Let me know if I'm on the right track Larissa.

Love the simplicity and the way the ribbon wrapping looks here. Perhaps with a large yellow flower instead of the odd shade blue one.

Gorgeous! Not at all the cookie-cutter yellow rose bouquet we've all seen a million times. Made of Yellow cymbidium orchids mixed with yellow ranunculus. You could have the stems wrapped in the correct blue, but I think it looks more stunning monochromatic.
Sapphire jewelry for you (and maybe the moms)? Yes please! It doesn't have to be expensive either- several companies offer really good sapphire fakes for not much more than you'd spend on cheap clear crystal jewelry from the mall or the bridal store. I like JTV's line Bella Luce. I've seen the sapphire stones in person and they're very convincing.
In the same vein... wouldn't the bridesmaids all look lovely in citrine drop earrings? Bonus- you get a built in bridesmaid gift and the girls all coordinate perfectly.
You can't go wrong with a candy bar! Especially at a Mormon reception (you know there will be lots of happy kids) and when your color scheme is so easy to find candy for.

Not a bad look for boutonnieres. I think it'd look even better with ranunculus to coordinate with the bouquet above.
Not sure I'm digging on the daisy ones, but I think those yellow calla lilies look ravishing in vases filled with lemons!

And the final, quirky thought on the topic... Wouldn't it be adorable and insanely memorable to leave your reception in a classic yellow taxi rather than the standard limo? Love it!


Claire Kultarika said...

this is amazing! i just might change my colors. haha jk. i cant. i love my peacock feathers and colors too much. so yeah, if you ever have free time and want to research those colors, that would be awesome! thanks for starting this!

oh and i totally had this background like 2 days ago!

MrsJoseph said...

Now it looks like I didn't like your post Claire! Sorry about that... They were just duplicates. I'll keep that in mind and try to have a post for you soon. Become a follower of the blog and keep your eyes open for your name! Thanks for reading!