June 27, 2009

Display Cakes

I love the idea of a display cake. Wedding cakes are beautiful pieces of art and it honestly breaks my heart a little when I see them cut into. Display or "dummy" cakes solve that. They're fake cakes for show and then you serve sheet cake (which truthfully most people only serve anyway). This way you pay less for the actual wedding cake AND don't have to pay for cutting and plating fees from your baker/caterer. I think it's the best of all worlds.

I recently found this company MyDreamCake. It's based in Utah and it allows you to rent display cakes (even less expensive=wonderful) and her work is lovely. You can get your display cake and a matching cut cake to smash in your man's face for much less than most brides spend on their main wedding cake alone. She'll even design one just for you if you don't like any of the ones she has. Bonus- if you're having two different receptions like I did, you won't need to choose between getting two cakes ($$$) and going without a wedding cake at one of them. Here's some of the examples that I loved from her gallery.

There are a ton more pictures to look at on her site, but I decided to try to tone down the numbers of pictures I posted this time. Enjoy!


Heather said...

Holy smack, I love your blog! I followed your link from the Waiting for a Missionary group and was eating up all your posts; I was literally sad to see that there's only the three so far, haha. But seriously, fake cakes? GENIUS. Fondant is absolutely beautiful, but the taste isn't so much, hehe. Did you have a fake cake at your wedding? If so, did it work well? (If you couldn't tell already... I simply adore this blog, and will definitely be watching for new entries in the future! Maybe a post on wedding dresses for different body types or something would be cool. =] =])

MrsJoseph said...

Thank you Heather! I'm excited to see a new fan. I've always been obsessed with weddings, so while this blog is just taking off it's been long in the making. Yes, I had a fake cake. The CONCEPT worked wonderfully. No one could tell it was fake and cutting into a one layer cake to feed the groom was much easier. Unfortunately my decorator(not this company) didn't listen much when I told her what I wanted and I honestly hated the way it looked. You wouldn't have that problem with this company though- you can pick one that's already done AND it's picked up ahead of time so you know beforehand if it's the right one.