July 4, 2009

Peacock Themed Wedding

First off, who doesn't love the look of a peacock feather? They have such vibrant, beautiful colors and there is something almost magical about the way they naturally seem to shimmer. A lovely choice to base the colors of your wedding on. Apparently this is becoming quite popular, which is nice because it makes it easier to find classy examples for you. However, because I fell a little in love with it, today will only be about bouquets and centerpieces. More will be coming I promise!

Love this in general... Right now I'm very much so wanting one for my front door. It's delicious. I think it would look lovely lying flat on a table with a tall, chunky (I'm envisioning either silver or acrylic) candle stick in the center of it.

This would bring so much drama with so little work! Plus, you would save a ton going with this rather than fresh flower centerpieces.

I'm especially fond of the way the peacock feathers peek out from between the flowers in this bouquet and the teal gems in the center of the stephanotis.

This one has a lovely mix of tropical flowers and the peacock feathers don't become overwhelming.

This is my very favorite thing I found for you. I think this bouquet is phenomenal. The flowers pick up all the right color notes from the feather, the feather is displayed in the bouquet without the bouquet becoming too fuzzy, and something about the shape of the bouquet reminds me of a peacock fan. Overall, I think it's wonderful... maybe even DeeLovely.


Aimee said...

hey that's my theme too! Maybe after the wedding, I can share some pictures to be featured on your lovely blog ;)
Ok, I need a bit of help. I bought a green metal garden arch but need help decorating it so it doesn't look tacky. It'll probably be behind the cake table and my colors are teal, light brown and peacock feathers. Any arch inspirations in blue would help. Thanks

Claire Kultarika said...

thank you danielle! this is amazing! i especially love the last bouquet and i love love love love the second center piece. its so simple yet it looks so elegant! im so happy thank you! oh and for the bouquet, i really want white casablanca lilies but i also wanted the green orchid so yes! that was perfect! oh and im thinking of adding like a brown branch. you know what i mean? do you think that would be too much?

AdrianneJayne said...

Oh guess what!? I used Peacock feathers and Anne Pearson. I basically rock!

awesome blog!