July 6, 2009

Anne Pearson- Featured Photographer

Anne Pearson first came to my attention when a friend of mine told me she had found the perfect photographer to shoot her December 2008 wedding and all the pictures that go with it. As you all know, I'm obsessed with weddings, and I wanted to know more about this person that my friend would trust implicitly with preserving all those wonderful moments associated with this incredible time in her life. So, being the girl that I am, I checked out her blog. I must have spent at least two hours pouring over posts and pictures of a woman I had never met, never even heard of until that day, and I came away shaken to the core. The pictures were emotional, soft, and beautiful in a way you rarely see and the voice was down to earth and friendly. What a perfect combination for anyone's wedding!

Anne says of her style, "I like to coin my style as Rustic Elegance with a touch of vintage flair and a bit of romanticity. I am in love with deep rich colors, textures, and a great black and white where the depth makes you want to crawl on in to the capture. I strive to create portraits that make one feel like curling up with their favorite person and soft blanket on a porch swing to watch the moon rise and the fireflies dance. (not that I see many fireflies here :) I believe in what I do and that's why I do it. Its not about the money or the time, its about making "that time" stand still for the rest of forever with the captures I create for my clients...turned friends." Anne is based in Utah.

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Pearson Tribe said...

SOOO...when are you going to become a wedding planner! You're fabulous...I'd definately refer you!