July 13, 2009

Jess Van Allen- Featured Photographer

Jess Van Allen is the photographer I'm both most familiar and comfortable with. She's been the woman behind the camera lens for all the most important events in my life- she was the artist responsible for my head shots, my senior portraits, my bridals, and most importantly my wedding day. I suppose that makes my bias toward her work obvious, but if you'll permit me I'd like to tell you why. Jess has the most incredible eye for detail. Whether it's noticing that your hair isn't falling quite right and helping you fix it, or the ribbon it took you two weeks to pick for your bouquet, or catching your brand new husband's real smile- that smile he saves just for you, you can trust her to make sure that every little aspect of perfection is frozen forever in time. Jess has a distinctive style to her work, but more importantly, her pictures always embody the essence of her subject. Every time I see a new wedding she's shot I feel as if I get to know the bride and groom on a level that is more intimate than I could have imagined. You can tell just by looking if the couple is goofy, classic, intelligent, or funny, and always you can see just how in love they are. I've often said that I never look as beautiful as I do when I'm in front of Jess' lens- she knows how to make someone feel like the perfect mix of supermodel and princess, and who doesn't want to feel like that on their wedding day?

Jess says of herself, "I would say that I am a photojournalist with artistic flair. While I get those great shots to hang on the wall of your new home or give to your grandparents, I also capture the tender looks, secret whispers, and passionate kisses in between poses. While your standing in the receiving line, chatting with relatives or eating your dinner, I'm taking pictures of your flowers sitting on the table, the groom playing with his new wedding ring behind his back, the details of the back of your dress... the little moments of your day... captured." She's based in Arizona, but she loves to travel!

I couldn't resist putting in one of the shots from my wedding! You can see Jess' work either at her site or at her blog.

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