February 26, 2010

Poor Man's Wife

Poor Man's Wife is a fantastic new company formed by six lovely young women. These lovely ladies create some of the most gorgeous veils and hairpieces I have ever seen! Read on to learn a little more about them and their product.
Can you introduce yourselves please?
We are Poor Man's Wife, six lovely lady BYU students! Brooke, Meaghan, Deysi, Corin, Ellen, and Adrianne.

How would you describe your style?
We have more of a laid-back style. We aren't too glitzy, but our pieces speak for themselves with sophisticated style and class. We're a twinge of vintage, a little casual, and a whole lot of beautiful.

Where did you come up with the name Poor Man's Wife?
Ellen thought of the name almost instantly. It's perfect and witty!

How did all of this get started? We want the scoop!
It actually started in an Entrepreneurship class at BYU! We were randomly put in the same group, and after much thought, we decided to take a new spin on Ellen's [existing] business. We have had a lot of fun applying the principles we've learned in our class, and from the start we have all been very motivated to do our best! This is a fun job!

Who does your design work?
Ellen Switzer is the main designer. She owns a company called Fleur and Feather. She created the designs we use when she first started F and F, and we adopted them and kind of merged the two companies.

What inspires you?
Three of us are married and three of us are not. This enables us consider and take to heart any thoughts or concerns we might have for our products and potential clients. We are inspired by beauty, by creativity, and by the lovely ladies we are able to help.

What's in the future for Poor Man's Wife?
The future is bright, but we don't have any plans set in stone yet. Some of us will be graduating, moving away, or sticking around BYU, so it's hard to say what will happen exactly.

Tell us more about your gorgeous product.
These hair accessories are totally custom and each flower is handmade. We pride ourselves on catering to the bride. We want her to look her very best on her special day, and we will create whatever she wants to make her day the best it can be. All of our hair accessories are made from high quality materials and are great for any occasions. Our veils are perfect for brides of course, but we've also made bridal headbands and single bridal blooms for more relaxed hairstyles. Headbands and bloom or rosette clips are also perfect for bridesmaids, flower girls, friends, and your send-off outfit. One of the best things about giving these to bridesmaids or friends (or using a bridal headband or clip) is that they can be worn for the special occasion and then worn again for casual wear. I wear mine every day!

Anything else we ought to know?
Right now we're running a special! With every purchase of a veil, we will throw in a beautiful headband for the honeymoon! That's a $24 value! We're also offering 3 clips for $25 or 5 clips for $40 (you get one for free)! Our veils are only $75, our headbands are $24, and our clips (rosette or bloom) are $10.

Here are a few more fabulous shots of the veils by their fantastic photographer Anne Pearson. Enjoy!

February 24, 2010

DIY Wednesday- Golf Ball Favors

Somebody I love very much is marrying a golfer . These adorable favors made me think of them and giggle a little. I hope they have a fantastic FORE EVER!

Find the instructions from the DIY Network here.

February 22, 2010

Bright Pink and Damask

Beautiful, fun, and glamorous. What girl doesn't want those three words to describe her day??? Lovely Claire is contemplating a wedding incorporating black and white damask with pops of pink. This look has exploded in the past year and you can find fabulous things to fit the theme everywhere. Here's a few of the best I found to see if we're heading in the right direction.
1. Can you think of any reason a Wedding Planner shouldn't also match the wedding theme and colors? Neither can I. Pick up this little beauty to keep your lovely thoughts organized here.
2. This cake might be a little big for most weddings, but it sure makes a great statement! Use the photo from here for inspiration.
3. I don't know where this pink ceiling and black chandelier actually is, but if it's a reception hall you should book it. Now. Find the photo here.
4. Not sure if you'll be needing a ring-bearer pillow, but if you do this is the one.
5. Damask ties on all the men in your life? Yes please. Find them in multiple sizes here.
6. This company had several great options for invites fitting the color and theme but these were my favorites.
7. I didn't know something could be so glam and so masculine at the same time. Even my husband said he'd wear this boutonniere and he's very anti-beads and flowers.

8. These favor boxes are so cute, I'm considering ordering them to store everything I own in them.

Let me know what you think and keep your eyes open for the light pink and damask version coming soon!

February 19, 2010

Pretty Petits Fours

Go ahead my DeeLovely Brides... take a moment to soak in the gorgeousness.

I found these little lovelies over at I Am Baker. I think I need to see these at a wedding in that bride's colors, because really- you could do any color scheme with these! Want to guess what she used to make them a little less work? Oreo cakesters. She wrapped them in fondant and topped them with sweetness and even better- she wrote a whole tutorial here.

February 17, 2010

DIY Wednesday- Lacy Votive Holders

How pretty would a group of these be for a centerpiece? I'm picturing a variety of white laces in the center of a bright colored tablecloth. I think it would lend that lovely vintage feel that is both so timeless and so on trend. Gorgeous!

Find the instructions from Martha Stewart here.

February 12, 2010

Just a Reminder

Don't forget to go to the Bridal Fair in Provo tomorrow! While you're there make sure to check out our friends Poor Man's Wife and Anne Pearson and take advantage of the sweet deals they're both offering. Mr. Joseph and I will be heading to Beaver (for the little man's blessing) earlier than planned so I won't be able to make it. Let me know how lovely it was!

February 8, 2010

Do you have plans?

Something awesome is happening on Saturday. It's another Bridal Fair and this time it's in Provo. This one is shaping up to be a great one including over $25,000 in prizes, a beauty boutique, fashion shows, and two very exciting deals I get to share with you!

The first amazing opportunity comes from the lovely lady who was my very first featured photographer Anne Pearson (see her feature here). Anne is offering a FREE engagement session to all the lucky (and smart) brides who book their wedding with her there at the show. What's not to love about that?!

The second deal comes from a new company I'm incredibly excited about- Poor Man's Wife. These six DeeLovely ladies create one of a kind veils and headpieces for the bride who deserves couture. If you order now until the show you will get 10% off! Fabulous!

I'll be featuring Poor Man's Wife further sometime in the near future, but until then go check out their site and be sure to stop by and visit them and Anne who are conveniently sharing a booth at the Bridal Fair.

February 5, 2010

Alia Cardwell- Featured Photographer

Today's Featured Photographer is especially exciting to me for several reasons. When I started DeeLovely Day I wanted to dedicate my time to helping LDS Brides all over the country plan their perfect wedding. Since I'm located in Utah, it's been difficult to find vendors from other areas to help the girls outside of the Beehive state, but today's photographer works in theWashington Metropolitan Area. The second reason I'm so excited is that she's my cousin. Yep, both talent and a love of weddings must really run in our family. Alright, enough back-story - let's get to the good stuff!

Alia Cardwell came by her talent honestly. She was raised by one of the most skilled photographers I know. Alia grew up noticing all the little details that make a moment beautiful and her highly trained eye makes all the difference. Her brides and grooms simply glow and you can feel just how in love they are. Alia said "My purpose in photographing is to actually capture the feelings in the moment. When you look at my pictures, I want you to be able to feel what the subjects were feeling whether it's pure joy, excitement, bliss, romance, or tenderness. I love candid shots because they truly express what someone is feeling. My style ranges from timeless to classic to regal (and sometimes with a little artsy spin on it)."

Make sure to check out Alia's blog at http://momentstomemoriesphotography.blogspot.com/ for more gorgeous examples of her work!

February 1, 2010

Allstar Party Rentals

Are you having a backyard event? Trying to spiff up your local cultural hall? Look to Allstar Party Rentals for a fantastic selection of items to make your day exactly what you imagined. Yanie Zavala, an Event Coordinator for Allstar says "We take pride is providing you with the best customer service in the Great Salt Lake Area. Our clean and well maintained equipment will make your event stand out from the rest while taking away some of the stress." Who wouldn't love that?My personal favorite things they offer include a dance floor for only $1.25 per square foot, a silver beverage fountain, and an adorable light pink cotton candy machine.

Here are a few pictures of events decorated with help from Allstar Party Rentals...

Find more pictures and the catalog of rental items at www.rentals801.com