February 5, 2010

Alia Cardwell- Featured Photographer

Today's Featured Photographer is especially exciting to me for several reasons. When I started DeeLovely Day I wanted to dedicate my time to helping LDS Brides all over the country plan their perfect wedding. Since I'm located in Utah, it's been difficult to find vendors from other areas to help the girls outside of the Beehive state, but today's photographer works in theWashington Metropolitan Area. The second reason I'm so excited is that she's my cousin. Yep, both talent and a love of weddings must really run in our family. Alright, enough back-story - let's get to the good stuff!

Alia Cardwell came by her talent honestly. She was raised by one of the most skilled photographers I know. Alia grew up noticing all the little details that make a moment beautiful and her highly trained eye makes all the difference. Her brides and grooms simply glow and you can feel just how in love they are. Alia said "My purpose in photographing is to actually capture the feelings in the moment. When you look at my pictures, I want you to be able to feel what the subjects were feeling whether it's pure joy, excitement, bliss, romance, or tenderness. I love candid shots because they truly express what someone is feeling. My style ranges from timeless to classic to regal (and sometimes with a little artsy spin on it)."

Make sure to check out Alia's blog at http://momentstomemoriesphotography.blogspot.com/ for more gorgeous examples of her work!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you!!! You often have interesting posts! They put me in good spirits )