January 25, 2010

Tasteful Cakes

Weddings are wonderful, every little part of them. I love the emotions, the pomp, the party, and all the details that show exactly who the couple is and how their life will be. If forced to choose a favorite element, the Wedding Cake would be high on my list. So obviously, I'm pretty thrilled to bring you our latest cake professional.

Tammisty of Tasteful Cakes does some truly lovely work. When I found Tammisty's site (tastefulcakesandcookies.com) I combed through her picture gallery determined to see if they had the quality of workmanship that I require for my DeeLovely brides. She surpassed all my expectations. Unlike most sites featuring cakes, there were close-ups. Tammisty willingly subjected her fondant work to scrutiny for good reason- it is exquisite! Of her company Tammisty says, "I have always loved weddings, since I was little. I got into decorating cakes quite sometime ago and a few years ago decided it would be fun to start my own business. I have loved it. I enjoy baking. But my favorite part is the decorating. I specialize in fondant and sugar flowers, but I can pretty much do anything. I pride myself on my professionalism." To top that off she offers a huge selection of cake, filling, and icing options to create an edible piece of art as unique as the bride and groom.

"My cakes are so moist and yummy! :) I have been told many times that my cakes are the best that my customers have ever tasted. I make my fondant from scratch and it is really delicious. My cakes are not only yummy, but they are sturdy (put together well), and professionally decorated to the last detail."

Today I'm excited to offer the very first DeeLovely Day exclusive deal. Tammisty has generously offered a $40 discount on any cake order over $250 to all of you, my DeeLovely Day brides. All you have to do is mention this blog when requesting a quote.

Don't forget to check out Tasteful Cakes and Cookies for more examples of Tammisty's beautiful work!

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