January 11, 2010

A Selection of Slim Silhouettes

Here's a group of slim silhouetted designs. All three are totally different, yet all are totally gorgeous!

I'm not usually a huge fan of lace, but here it really works. Love the graceful train and that super flattering gathering at the waist.

The Greek goddess look will never go out of style. As a bonus, you can use this style to hide a variety of body flaws- everything from a bit of tummy to a big rib cage to pokey hip bones. Find this gem here.

Just because you want a slim cut doesn't mean you have to give up the glam look. Get all the bling of a princess dress without the hoop skirt in this beauty. I'm especially fond of the beautiful beading and that classy sweetheart neckline.

So glad that stylish temple-appropriate dresses are becoming much less difficult to come by!


Nikki said...

first dress i want. where is it from?

MrsJoseph said...

Nikki dear- the link is the word "here" in the description. I found it at AbellaBridal.com. Glad you like it!