January 15, 2010

Pink and Green Inspiration Board

Pink and green are gorgeous, happy colors. They always feel fresh and make an excellent color pallet for a Spring or Summer wedding. Doesn't this inspiration board make you think about sherbet and sunshine just a little bit? Exactly what we need here in dreary January! Enjoy!

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1. Love the juxtaposition of the oh-so-classy damask with the fun, funky lime and hot pink
2. Orchids, lilies, and roses. LOVELY.
3. These handmade cake serves would make such a fun keepsake. You might be able to diy this project as well.
4. The limes in the bottom of these centerpieces make a look that's very unique. The link actually takes you to a tutorial so you can make these yourself.
5. Modest, fun, and definitely something your bridesmaids could wear again.
6. Pink and Green lollipops stuck in a white sand filled vase. You could have these as centerpieces or on a candy bar.
7. This cake is fantastic! I love that it incorporates multiple shades of pink so nicely and there's something super cute about the way the layers twist on the way up. DeeLovely indeed!

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Terri Ann said...

My wedding colors are pink black and white. We wanted pink, teal, black and white, but after talking with my mother and a few other people, decided that the teal would be too many colors. As soon as my wedding is over, I will definitely send you pics of the beautiful pink and white flowers!