January 22, 2010

Sergio Diez- Featured Photographer

Sergio Diez of Diez Photography is fantastic. I stumbled onto his site recently and was thrilled with what I found. Every shot was flawless- emotional yet polished and each was edited so perfectly that they could have all come straight out of the best Wedding magazines around. After I contacted him Sergio informed me that he was born and raised in Madrid, Spain where he eventually studied photography for two years with some of the most recognized and prize winning photographers in Spain. This can be the only explanation for the level of professionalism is his work. He is of an echelon of talent rarely matched, and one basically never available for the amazing prices he charges.

Sergio says "The motto of Diez Photography is ¨turning moments into memories¨. My whole purpose when taking pictures is to make sure each couple's special moments and details of their special day are captured. I would describe my personal style as classy and contemporary but at the same time I am versatile. I do both posed and photojournalistic photography. It is important to me that the couple's personality shine through their photographs - after all we are telling their story. So I try to adapt my photography to match each couple." He manages the adaptation impeccably! Throughout his portfolio you'll find styles ranging from classic, to playful, to high fashion and everything in between.

Here are a few samples of his work for you to enjoy...

Now didn't that make you feel a little happier? Make sure to check out his site for more!

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