April 26, 2011

Wedding Viewing Party Deserts

If you're intending to have that wedding viewing party, even if it's just you who's invited, you'll need some great themed food. Here are four fabulous recipes that I'm considering for that day's desert. Since they're from Betty Crocker's website, they're all simple to make and impressive to serve, which is just what we like to see in a party food.

If you'll be watching with your girlfriends- May I suggest these slightly silly Kate the Bride cupcakes. It'd be fun to have each guest decorate their own bride's dress with piping bags and see which one looks most like the real gown.

If you're watching during breakfast- Consider these light, flaky Palmiers. Sure they're a cookie, but they're just the right combo of pastry to make them alright for morning consumption just this once.

If you're watching with mixed age groups- Make these adorable engagement ring cupcakes. Everyone loves a cupcake and with the gorgeous addition of blue rock candy, they're as visually stunning as they are delicious.

If you're watching with you Mother in Law- Serve this jaw dropping Royal Blue Velvet cake. Who couldn't help but be impressed by this beauty?!

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