April 25, 2011

Royal Ring of Your Own

Wanting a rock worthy of royalty for yourself, but don't want to find a legitimate royal to buy it for you? Check out these three practically priced options that are sure to stun.

Our first option comes from Overstock.com. It's $29.99 and has great matching earrings available that would make it really pop. Find it here.
In my opinion your best looking option comes from QVC's Diamonique ling. At $54.60, it carries the biggest price tag of the three, but boasts the most realistic looking center stone by far. Find the listing here.

Our third option doesn't have a picture, but is easily the most practical option and was actually quite beautiful. Walmart (at least my local one) is currently carrying a fashion ring in store only that is a fantastic knock-off of the royal ring. I believe it cost around $12 and it looked really great on. As a bonus, you'll have it in time for all of the royal wedding festivities which is just so appropriate.

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